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Parish: Saint-Albert-le-Grand (Dominican Convent)

Reference: French-speaking parishes
Address: 2715, Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road, Montreal (Qc) H3T 1B6
Phone: 514-739-4375
Mass schedules:

Monday to Saturday: Mass 7:30

Sunday Masses:
8.30: mass of the Dominican friars
11:00 am: Mass of the Christian community (non-territorial parish)
5:30 pm: Vespers
18h00: Youth Mass (Espace Benoît Lacroix University Community)
More informations:

Église conventuelle Saint-Albert-le-Grand
Couvent des Frères Dominicains

Couvent des Frères Dominicains : 514-731-3603

Espace Benoît-Lacroix
Tél : 514-341-4817

Messe : Dimanche 19h (septembre à juin)


Geographical location: