Marriage Preparation

Congratulations! You have decided to marry in the Catholic Church!

It is a very exciting time, but expect that organizing a marriage in the Catholic to take between 6-12 months! Here are five steps to guide you:

Step 1 - Contact Your Parish: Before starting to make any arrangements, contact the priest in your local faith community.  

Step 2 - Have Your First Interview:
Your priest meets with you to get to know you, discuss your plans for marriage and what marriage means for you, answer your questions, and tell you the steps to prepare for marriage.  

Step 3 - Register for a Marriage Preparation Course: Dedicate a time away from other preparations to deepen the meaning of your engagement and learn of the implications of your marriage in the Church. (See course information below.)

Step 4 - Do the Marriage Quiz: This is an interview you have with the priest to collect important information necessary to celebrate a real and authentic marriage.  

Step 5 - Prepare for the Celebration:
To express what we believe and what we live, by way of the liturgy and the choice of readings and music, lighting the way for a meaningful celebration, with joy.  

What happens if you are not getting married in your own parish, here is some additional information on your responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities of the chosen parish, provided by our Family Life Chaplain, Fr. Gilles A. Surprenant:


The following pamphlet provides the dates of the marriage prep courses, a brief description of the topics covered, and a registration form. Register online here.

Click on this picture to download the document From this Day Forward



Other marriage preparation courses are offered around the Diocese of Montreal. We recommend you contact your parish community (or parish of interest) first.

Jesus Light of the World - Personalized Marriage Prep Course

Timing: As needed, 6-7 meetings with the team and priest over a 6 month period

Group size: unknown

Contact the parish for details.

St. Brendan - Decision to Love

Timing: As needed, two evenings and one Saturday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Group size: 2-5 couples

Contact the parish for details.

St. John Brébeuf - What God has Joined

Timing: Once a year, two Saturdays, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Group size: 16-20 couples

Contact the parish for details.

St. Malachy - What God has Joined

Timing: Twice a year

Group size: 2-5 couples

Contact the parish for details.

St. Thomas à Becket - The Marriage Preparation Course

Timing: Twice a year, five weeknight sessions, 3 hours each

Group size: 2-5 couples

Contact the parish for details.

God bless!