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April 25

Saint Mark

(John) Mark is the author of the earliest and shortest Gospel. All our knowledge of Mark is gleaned from Scripture. He was a member of the first Christian community in Jerusalem. His mother, Mary, owned a house in Jerusalem, which the Christians used as a place of prayer during Peter's imprisonment under Herod Agrippa I (see Acts 12.12).

When Paul and Barnabas returned from their visit to Jerusalem, they took Mark back with them to Antioch in Syria. Later they brought him along as their assistant on a missionary journey. After this journey, Mark returned to Jerusalem.

In Christian art Mark is often depicted with a winged lion. Legends speak of Mark as Bishop of Alexandria where he was killed in the streets of the city. The celebration of his feast on April 25 was introduced in the 9th century. He is a patron of notaries, of Egypt and Venice.

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