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Words of wisdom spoken by Br. André

Brother André (Photo: Archives Saint Joseph's Oratory)Brother André would only meet people for a few minutes at a time. Not all were healed, but all left consoled by his words.

Here are some of the words of wisdom he shared with others, as recalled by his friends and fellow religious.

They are translated into English and taken from the book Frère André disait souvent… Recueil de paroles de frère André rapportées par ses amis, published by Fides in June 2010.

On the love of God

"How good the good Lord is! How he cares for us!"
— Br. Philippe Laurette, c.s.c.

He would either speak of the good Lord to others or he would speak of others to the good Lord. All day long.
 — Arthur Marcil

On trust

"People worry for nothing," he would say. "If they need it, help will come their way, in good time, from the Lord."
— Azarias Claude

"Place yourselves in the hands of the good Lord; he does not abandon anyone in times of adversity."
— Br. Philippe Laurette, c.s.c.

On faith

"If you do not believe in God, you will obtain nothing."
— Marie-Anne Tétreault

Br. André had an unshakeable faith, a faith like I have never seen... He would see God in everything... He would explain that if people were not healed it was because they did not have enough faith.
— Joseph Pichette

On the Holy Spirit

"That which the Holy Spirit did for the Apostles he could also do for us."
— Fr. Henri-Paul Bergeron, c.s.c.

To the people who would ask his counsel on their choice of a state of life or what to do in certain circumstances, Br. André would tell them to pray to the Holy Spirit.
— Joseph Pichette

On the Eucharist

"You eat three times per day to sustain your body; then, go to receive communion mostly to sustain your soul."
— Paul Corbeil

"Communion is the most precious time to receive graces from Our Lord and to ask him for favours."
— Sr. Marie-Anne Leblanc

On Saint Joseph

"If people knew how to pray better, they would receive everything from Saint Joseph."
— Fr. Stéphane Grenier

"Saint Joseph is a very powerful intercessor in the eyes of God and of his holy Mother, the Virgin Mary."
 — Frank Comeau

"Pray to St. Joseph and he will always be your father and your Guide."
— Attaria Lafleur

On sickness and death

"Sickness is a good thing because it helps one to reflect on the passing of one's life and to offer our suffering for the reparation of our sins."
— Msgr. Albert Cousineau, c.s.c.

"We must always be ready to die. We think last of the most important thing that will happen to us. Death is everywhere around us. It can come at any time... For a Christian, death leads us to our final meeting with God."
— Canon Étienne Catta

On prayer

We must always turn our thoughts to God.
— Canon Étienne Catta

"One hour is not a long time to speak to the good Lord. We have so many things to ask him that one hour is hardly enough!"
— Azarias Claude

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