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Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal (Photo: Catholic Times Montreal)Thousands people will converge on Rome for the canonization of Brother André Oct. 17. Among them are several people who have either been healed or have had family members who have experienced healings through the intercession of the new saint. Below are four such testimonies, compiled by Rolande Parrot.

Brother Andréʼs good works

My Portuguese parents taught me the value of praying to St. Joseph. In Portugal, March 19 is not only the Feast of St. Joseph, but also Father's Day. When my family settled in Montreal, they got acquainted with Brother André and St. Josephʼs Oratory. When I encountered a health problem, I prayed at Brother Andréʼs tomb and did the Stations of the Cross. I then returned home alleviated. A few months later, I was cured. Also, my father was paralyzed. We prayed to St. Joseph, with the help of Brother André. My father promised to make a donation to the oratory if he could walk again. Now, my father and I hav become Grand Associates of the oratory. I will be in Rome for the canonization of Brother André to thank him for his kindness on behalf of my family.

 — Lucie Medeiros

Healings in my family

Brother André cured two people in my family. In 1936, one of my sisters, who was 16 years old at the time, could not walk and the doctor did not know the cause. My uncle, who worked at St. Josephʼs Oratory, brought my sister to Brother André. He told her to begin saying a prayer and to uncross her legs. While leaving the oratory, she was cured. In Saint-Hyacinthe, my aunt, who is a mother of nine children, feared for the life of her very sick husband. It was past midnight when she called Brother André. The following day, her husband was cured. It is thanks to faith that cures are attainable. Also, I often go to the oratory to pray for my family members. I will be in Rome for Brother Andréʼs canonization and I will thank him for all the good he has done and continues to do nowadays.

— Noëlla-Marie Bolduc

A Man of Prayer

I work at St. Josephʼs Oratory, welcoming pilgrims to the John XXIII Pavilion. I did not receive any favors from Brother André personally nor did I witness any healings. But what strikes me is that God passed through him and St. Joseph to work wonders. For me, Brother André devoted his life to prayer; this is why he was close to God. I will be at Brother Andréʼs canonization in Rome to give grace to God.

— Marcel André

Family Ties

I belong to Brother Andréʼs genealogy and my wife, too, but from another branch of the family tree. My parents went to Brother Andréʼs funeral. My mother had the chance to meet him one day. She had tuberculosis and was confined to a bed in a sanatorium, and there was no hope for a cure. Some time after having seen Brother André, she was healed. My mother died at 94 years old. I feel that I owe Brother André. My wife, my daughter, whoʼs a nurse, and I are going to Rome for Brother Andréʼs canonization to thank him for all heʼs done through St. Joseph.

— Jean-Bruno Bessette Normandin

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