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Called to holiness, even today

Brother André surrounded by family and friends in Ontario. (Photo: Archives Saint Joseph's Oratory)"Holiness" is not a buzzword these days.

Instead, it alludes to an old image of saints who dedicated their lives to prayers and deprivations in order to obey God's will. They perceived God to be severe, distant and authoritarian. But this is not how Brother André perceived God.

Brother André considered God to be a close friend, who is also close to the ill and the needy. God is fullof compassion and love, and he wants everyone's happiness. This is why Brother André developed great trust in St. Joseph, whom he petitioned to intercede for the healing of the sick.

Each person has a particular calling, and it is important to recognize it. Brother André was not schooled, but he was good at manual labour. He accomplished his work with vigour and joy, and he never complained. His mission was to introduce people to Godʼs kindness, love and mercy. He served as an intermediary, always calling on St. Joseph, to obtain healings for others.

To be a saint is simply to live the commitment of our baptism as sons and daughters of God. It is to live with faith and hope, in spite of the doubts and obstacles life throws our way. Being a saint means to love deeply through prayer, service and the practice of forgiveness. To love, says the Gospel, is to love with all our heart, all our soul, all our strength and all our mind.

The saints recognized by the Catholic Church are presented as witnesses of faith and intended to be role models who can inspire our Christian life.

Rolande Parrot 

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