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The prayer of petition is one of the most common forms of prayer.  "Ask and you shall receive," Jesus tells us in the Gospel.  In this section, you are invited to compose your prayer intentions.  They will be sent to the cloistered Recluse Missionaries of Montréal, who have committed themselves to keeping them in the contemplative prayers each day.

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   My prayer intention

Ask for intercession for the health of our family especially the head of our family, QLS. May we find a way to reduce and totally address his allergy attacks. Also offer up his role at the company and relationship with his boss and co-workers. Also offer up our home-buying decisions and where God is truly leading us. Also for my sister Shanne: her annulment process & if God wills for her to have a baby soon. For my sister Ishim and her domestic partner Jaq: that they will BOTH turn their backs from sin and follow Jesus. For my son's classmate Giselle C. that she will be totally healed from the tumor in her brain. For Jama's Canadian dream to be lead and guided by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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